Lessons Every Millennial Real Estate Investor Should Know

Lessons Every Millennial Real Estate Investor Should Know

As the oldest millennials begin their careers, and the youngest ones are just graduating high school, they will be making important decisions about their finances. They will question their spending and saving habits, and some will delve into investing.

For those young people interested in real estate investing, we’ve compiled a short list of lessons every millennial real estate investor should know. We feel these lessons are critical to your success and hope they help you navigate the challenging waters of real estate investing.

Lesson 1: Be Genuine And Have Integrity

In case you aren’t sure what it means to have integrity, we’ll tell you.

Having integrity means you act the same in public as you do in private.

You may think your private life is completely separate from your work/public life, but the reality is, at least a little bit of who you are in private leaks through to your public life. For example, if you constantly drop the F-bomb at home, it’s likely there are minute pauses in your speech at work (where the F-bombs would have been) that ultimately cause your colleagues and clients to mistrust you just a little bit.

Be a man or woman of integrity so others see you as a genuine person.

Lesson 2: Build A Network With Your Personal Touch

Anyone can build a network using digital media these days, but if you hope to be successful, you must build a network of people you like serving and truly care about. You do this by making a list right now of the people who will answer and return your calls. Then, you add one name a week of someone you’ve met and connected with. In order for this to work, you must take the time to speak with people in person. After all, humans were designed to be social. We need each other, so put your phone away and make real connections with others to build your network.

Lesson 4: Learn To Communicate Effectively

Once you’ve amassed your network, you need to learn how to communicate with them. To do this, find a great book with prose you would like to sound like. Read it aloud three times a week for 30 minutes. That’s it. By the end of a 10-week period, you’ll be speaking differently. Your speech will be clear and concise, and you’ll be confident in what you’re saying.

Lesson 5: Be Willing To Admit When You’re Wrong

We’re all human, and we all make mistakes. It’s these mistakes, however, that make us likable and relatable. It’s a fact that people who brag a lot tend to be seen as untrustworthy by others. When you make mistakes and are willing to admit to them, others see you as genuine and honest. Don’t be afraid to admit your defeats because we all have them.

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